4 definitions by Tommy Crancy

People that obey apple no matter how shit it has become recycling androids technology, think something is revolutionary that was created years ago.
"He bought the iPhone X!"
"Wow such an iSheep using 1k dollars on the emoji machine."
by Tommy Crancy January 16, 2018
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Something unique for a bit, then speds overuse it and make it fucking trash
Someone:"Do you know da wae?"
Me: "Your memes make me want to die."
by Tommy Crancy January 16, 2018
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literally jayson tatum but he drops 50 points nightly since his sub has bacon which makes him goated as fuck
Draymond Green: my sub has more rings than your sub
Bacon Tatum: my sub has bacon
by Tommy Crancy June 2, 2021
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A game all the school shooters play mostly on console because they are plebs, a game that is shown in 75 percent of boys' Snapchat stories, and a game that has gotten the most egirls that I have ever seen besides Minecraft and Roblox.
"Wanna play Fortnite?"
"Stop yourself, get a gaming pc and play PUBG."
"No, Fortnite is better and free!"
by Tommy Crancy February 13, 2018
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