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1. n. A right brained genius in the sense that they are creative and abstract beyond all measures - usually in the subjects of music, art, and philosophy.

2. n. A complete revolution in which one thing reverts back to its original form.
1. Have you ever met Johnny? He's a friggin' prevolition.

2. I can't believe the prevolition we went through after that hurricane hit us.
by TomEd November 21, 2005

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1. adj. When one goes through a phase of confusion, usually resulting in a state of enlightenment and open-mindedness.

2. v. To put something through a state of confusion.
1. The boy, though conphased, began to write down amazing poetry and lyricism.

2. John conphased his opponent and then decided to steal his money.
by TomEd August 28, 2006

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1. n. Anything that is meaningless or makes no sense. Rubbish.

2. n. An idiot that doesn't contribute to society.
1. Today I wrote a bunch of blagnoot in English class. It looked like something my kid brother would write.

2. I can't believe your friend Freddy. What a stupid blagnoot. Does he know anything?
by TomEd October 18, 2006

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