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The devil incarnate you leave in the toilet after producing semi-liquid diarrhea. The myriad of large balls of solid fecal matter take the form of a brown cranberry bog.
I put enough tabasco sauce on my quesadilla at lunchtime to create a crapberry bog in the toilet before I left work.
by ToiletBandit November 13, 2007

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Society rewards and helps women, punishes men.
Fred:Amanda is a shy girl. She hardly said a word through out the whole semester.

William:Really? Amanda was a chatterbox in algebra. She just quiet because the environment around her didn't interest her. Shy girls are a myth.

Tom:Dude, ask her out to the dance.
Greg:I can't, I'm just to shy.
Tom:Don't worry, she's very shy too.
Greg:Is it true that shy girls don't date shy guys.
Moses:Of course they don't, shy girls are a myth. Haven't you notice they have extroverted female friends, an outgoing boyfriend, and do wild things. shy girls are myth.
by Toiletbandit July 17, 2007

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