4 definitions by Titanium Steel

When your buddy did something that piss you off or does something incredibly wrong.
A : I deleted all your games for more space so i can install my games.
B : wtf man
by Titanium Steel May 22, 2020
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• A sarcastic way to make someone feel bad after they did something wrong.
• To show impression on someone or at least pretend to in a sarcastic tone.
• The game that is named God of War. {informal, slang}
• A gay slang with "wiener on wiener" {informal, slang}
A : I made your mom almost fall from that cliff.
B : Wow. Man, that's messed up. Really?

A : Look at this painting i made! (shows shit painting)
B : Wow...

A : Hey dude wanna play WOW tonight on my new PlayStation?
B : No, even if that game won a GOTY award i still think it's pretty shit.

A : Hey man wanna go WOW on bed tonight? ;)
B : Not interested. Sorry.
by Titanium Steel May 24, 2020
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When something is so utterly messed up you HAVE to question what they asked.
A : Hey, I just married C.
B : Nice, you two lookalike!
C : Of course, we're siblings!
B : Hold up
by Titanium Steel July 27, 2020
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