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The one who is penetrated in a gay threesome, may also be used in reference to being double penetrated.
Frank is quite the fucketeer, look at him take Dennis and Andrew! What a champ!
by TimThomas March 13, 2009

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A Bobama is a Portuguese Water Dog acquired during and several months after the Firts Family's adoption of Bo Obama.
Hey Blayne, look at Ritchie with his Bobama, There's a Portuguese Water Dog baby boom... can you call a breeder this week hun?
by TimThomas April 13, 2009

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"Fuck Gullet" synonymous to throat.
Johnny nailed her right in the fuck gullet, tears, phlegm and snot were flying everywhere.
by TimThomas March 16, 2009

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A person's domestic volume index is a measurement ( 1 - 3) of lifestyle value one individual takes in a common living environment either workplace or domestic.

Examples of people who have a high domestic volume are middle aged women, artists, hyper active people, annoying people, gay dudes, drag queens and Oprah.

The scale measures as 1 = one average person's domestic volume, 2 = the volume of 2 average people and 3 = the volume of three people.

The only two people to have measured 4 on the index in recorded history are King Henri the VIII and Paris Hilton
FRANK: OMG Johnny, have you met Matt's new GF? she's got a domestic volume index of 2.8

DENNIS: Ah dude, he's in for a bumpy ride.
by TimThomas June 11, 2009

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Gay pornography
I found a stack of dick flicks in my dad's closet
by TimThomas March 13, 2009

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