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The best anime ever. It’s about this jojo guy and his descendants ironically fighting evil eternally, usually every other generation, or some gay vampire’s Italian son. It’s not gay, I swear.
Virgin: I like my hero academia.
Jojo fan: eww no JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is better
by Tiddy_borgar December 27, 2021
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Jonathan “Joe” Nathan III of Jordan is an entity commonly used in jokes among adolescents, yet it is still a common phrase amongst devious jesters of all ages. The joke is that you inquire of his name, because he is a mysterious character. When asked about his nickname; “Who is Joe?” The other partaking in the joke prepares to commence a large amount of tomfoolery, responding “Joe mama” relating to the popular “your mother” joke that makes fun of female parental figures usually stating that they are fat, ugly, etc. which is ironic because it was made popular by the “Yo mama” character on YouTube, who is commonly compared, via his voice, to the character “Joe Swanson” from the popular adult swim cartoon series: “Family Guy”.
Ron: bro joe died of ligma yesterday Im so sad

Don: who’s joe

Ron: joe mama
by Tiddy_borgar October 18, 2021
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