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A weak man's way of walking during the sacred month of No Nut November.

It is allowed but it can bring great shame upon your bloodline.
Man: I have not nuted this whole month. How about you?

Boy: I have, but I have a No Nut November Coupon. So I'm still in.

Man: That is fine, but you are weak. Grow stronger my friend. No more nuting for the rest of No Nut November.
by ThyNormalPerson November 03, 2019
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A being of high power. Created the universe by accident when fighting with Shrek, the god of darkness and onions. Do to his creation of the universe, he is also known has The Creator of All and Nothing. Despite popular belief, Shaggy has never been known to have use one percent of his power. If Shaggy uses even one percent, scientists believe time would stop and all would die leaving only Shaggy. Shaggy is one of three main gods. The gods are Shrek, Garfield, and Shaggy.
"...before all there was only him, Shaggy..." (Scooby 1:10)
by ThyNormalPerson October 16, 2019
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