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Possibly the sexiest woman that God ever created, lol jk God isnt real. But still, she's the sexiest, hottest, girl that you will ever lay eyes upon. Everything about her is attractive, and just looking at her will make you want to have sex with her straight away. She is the best looking girl ever, even hotter than Emma Watson.
Emma Watson almost looked as good as Susana, but she couldn't beat Susana.
by THUGGIN' March 04, 2012
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Totally useless modifications made to PC hardware and other stuff by ryan richardson A.K.A. TYPHOON.
Ryan Tymodded his PSU to Deliver more V's on the 12V rail for higher OC. He's done so many tymds he just breaks shit and makes his dad buy him a new one.
by Thuggin' February 03, 2005
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CD-R with porn video/pic files burned onto them. Usually found in groups.
Person 1: Can I watch this in my dvd player?
Person 2: No, it's AVI, you have to watch it at your computer.
Person 1: but my familys dell is in the living room.
Person 2: Sux
by Thuggin' March 26, 2005
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1. To smoke up all the weed in the bowl of a pipe,bong,etc as in cashed.
2. To be extremely high/drunk or both.
3. To break, destroy, eliminate etc. Originated from Lilburn 420krew.
4. To consume a product at a grocery store without paying.
Why did you just pass me a bowl thats keyed out? After smoking a blunt of northern lights and drinking a fifth of moonshine, man i was keyed out. Robs hookah is relly gay, lets go key it out in front of his house. We've been smoking all day, lets go key some beef jerky and redbulls from the local grocery stores again.
by Thuggin' March 20, 2005
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Annoying piece of shit from Canada that come to bodies of water in the US in springtime to breed. Anyone who has ever allowed a goose to chase them away is a pussy.
I look forward to geece coming to the pond every year so i can go kick and stomp them to death.
by Thuggin' July 03, 2005
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