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Rule #1. There is no QWOT
"does QWOT exist?"
"There is no QWOT."
by Thrilla from Manila March 18, 2009
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Internet Brand's most epic failure. By trying to transition the discussion forum from a kawf format to a vBulletin format of discussion forum, they managed to drive the majority of their members away in the largest migration ever seen on the internet since the Great Irish Potato Famine of 1845-1852.
Its a damn shame what happened to Audiworld. They all moved on.
by Thrilla from Manila March 17, 2009
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to stick one's testicles in a girl's anus.

see dog in a bathtub
"...her ass is pretty loose so I decide to pull the rear bagger and she's cool with it..."
by Thrilla from Manila July 10, 2008
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to unintentionally accelerate an object or one's self causing major wreckage to the object or self
The S4 just decided to lurch toward a curb/tree and now it's completely totaled
by Thrilla from Manila January 23, 2008
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to intentionally stay when asked or forced to leave
I got fired from my job but I'm mubaraking it.
by Thrilla from Manila February 10, 2011
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