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A strong, alcoholic drink served primarily at Irish pubs and taverns. In a tall shot glass, a mixture of 2 parts Jameson whiskey is mixed with 1 part Chopin- a potato vodka. If served properly, it makes the bar patron vomit, grow week with hunger, and it will infect their daughter with cholera.
"Hey bartender, what are the drink specials?"

"Ní foclóir cuimsitheach acadúil atá ann ach a mhalairt Irish Potato Famine"

"...uh... I'll take an Irish Potato Famine?...OH NO! SUSIE!"
by Jeff and Andrew May 08, 2007
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While attempting to fingerbomb a homeless Irish girl in a threeway, you realize that you're too late and the vagina has become otherwise occupied; now your hand has to starve in the cold.
When I tried to put my d in her v, I realized she was already getting fingerbanged. It was an Irish potato famine
by Whistlerweekend February 21, 2011
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