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April Sadness is the sad feeling one gets when one is expecting the warm weather during the spring to keep up, but suddenly experiences a weather shift, especially snow. This may in some rare cases lead to April Madness.
Sofie: "Oh no! Not snow! God!"
Thomas: "Ah, you're suffering from April Sadness, you are"
by Thomas and Sofie April 10, 2007

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The LiquiCup is a coffee cup with a rubber lining under it, which allows it to move about without making a single sound, just like a ninja. Students around it are thus unaware of it approaching, unless their sense of smell is good enough to pick up the scent of dark, dark coffee or cocoa. In any case, they are seduced to such a degree by the simmering hot liquid concealed inside the cup, that the victim cannot resist the temptation of acquiring such a cup for himself. This is the way the cup reproduces.

Thereby the cup spreads out through the campus, until one morning, when they are many enough, the cups strike. In one deadly move, they spray scolding hot coffee out at nearby students, which instantly liquifies them into even more hot coffee. This is the revenge of the LiquiCup.
Mike : Oh no, I think this cup is going to attack me!
John : You have gotten yourself a LiquiCup you have!
by Thomas and Sofie January 11, 2010

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An act of God. If God doesn't like a certain individual on earth, he may "ding" him. The person in question will suddenly find himself flying rapidly through the air, ending with a crunch against a wall, or by marvelling at the enormousness of outer space. Usually accompanied by a flick of the middle finger (as when flicking a marble).
He was an awful man, and had done terrible deeds. God decided that enough was enough, and dinged him.
by Thomas and Sofie April 30, 2007

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Hari Kari is the Norwegian version of the ever so famous Hara-kiri, mostly practised in Japanese regions.
Hari Kari is practised with a cheese slicer, or preferably a binder (both are Norwegian inventions). You stick the device in your stomach to commit suicide when you are tired of all the polar bears running around in the streets, and wearing woolen socks in the winter. When using binders, be sure to poke around thouroughly as it might take some time if you poke only once. For cheese slicer users, slice several times.
Ola Nordmann ran into so many polar bears, that he on day decided to commit Hari Kari on the spot.
by Thomas and Sofie June 02, 2007

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