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Awesome, Kind, Funny, and is the best of friends! She helps others out and always makes others feel included! No matter what she will always be happy! She can make you feel happy no matter what! This is the friend that you want!
-Kailey is the bestest friend!
-Kailey is a great friend no matter what!
-Kailey always wants others to be happy!
by This gurl May 2, 2019
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An athletic girl who doesn't think to highly of her self. She isnt boy crazy and knows what is right or wrong. Her family and friends come first and she hates putting someone down. She keeps to her self but isn't afraid to be herself. She may be made fun of but she knows its her opinion that matters. She makes sure she is treated like she sholud be and she walks away from people who treat her like crap. Kennedy is a strong girl who never gives up hope. Shes not who u think she is... Not at all.
"I hear Kennedy would beat you up if you asked her out!"
by This gurl March 12, 2013
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Kind, Awesome, and loves being around people. Never lies and is always with her best friends. Never wants to be alone and is there for anyone. She's the bestie your going to want.
Lilee will always going to be your friend.
by This gurl May 2, 2019
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