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When you squeeze your asscheeks together while farting, the air is focred downward and through the side of your balls. Awesome noise.
Hey dude, you wanna have a Ball Fart contest?
by Themadhatter October 17, 2003
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the best drink ever at 12 midnight.
*blender sounds*

Richie.. what the..

*takes a sip of the chocolate bananaeey goodness* ahhhhh

chocolate banana milkshake.

*corey behind me*: why did you just write "chocolate banana milkshake?"

me: because it says i have to.
by theMadHatter May 08, 2006
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a metalhead lesbian nazi chick
i know a bunch of these crazy racist twatstikas
by theMadHatter March 29, 2006
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pot, weed, dank, mota, cannabis sativa, reefer, herb, et cetera
Yo wassa mutha! Ima smoke summa dat vessel up in this hurr joint. Yaya fo'.
by theMadHatter May 01, 2006
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