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Like "awesome" but "woah" instead. "Awesome" broken apart just means something/someone inspired an "awe". "Woahsome" means someone/something inspired a "woah".
Dude that trick you just pulled was woahsome!

Woahsome pizza man, you really know how to cook.
by TheeNeight April 08, 2007

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Laugh out loud like a kookaburra.

Are you a chatter? Don't like using the expression "lol" because it makes you look like a 13 year old, insecure girl, but you still wanna express to your significant-interwebz sweetheart that you're laughing out loud? Then lollak is just for you! It express the act of laughter, but still in a cool/hip/original/urban way! Only use lollak when you really wanna express laughter! To the extreme! Lollak!
Hi asl? lollak!

I was told a story about abusing Jehovah's Witnesses that was so great, I lollaked right off my chair!
by TheeNeight January 06, 2008

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1. It's like a Japanese guy at 3 a.m. It's that word that just flows. Bax. It stands for everything ever. It's as versitile as the word fuck, only it's not a swear.

2. Mostly it's the word box said with a Minnesotan accent. Sometimes confused with the word "fax."

Oh please Mr. Bax bring me some pleasure!

"Can you come get this bax please?" "Fax?" "Not fax! BAX!"
by TheeNeight September 27, 2007

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