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Another word for taking a fake sick day from work.

Made famous by the Milne factor who has pulled hundreds of milnsy's to play new release video games.
Where's the Milne factor?

Must be pulling a milnsy there is a game out today!
by Thebigfellatso July 24, 2014
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You say this to somebody when they have done a good job or if you like something they have done.
BM: Bob did you tell happy face that gagg is looking for her?

Bob: Sure did.

BM: Luv ya work BIG FELLA!
by Thebigfellatso July 24, 2014
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Randomly yelled out across the office to the satisfaction of bakalaka usually by the gagg or the Milne factor.

The key is to yell it out at the most unsuspecting moment, it will shock and entertain those that are lucky enough to hear it.

The nooooooon part needs to be drawn out for maximum effect.

The office is quiet everyone is hard at work then all of a sudden out of nowhere....

Gagg: Afternooooooooon ladies!

The women are startled and dont know what to think while all the men crack up laughing.

Bakalaka: Luv ya work BIG FELLA!
by Thebigfellatso July 24, 2014
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A greek big fella that loves to drink and spill coffee, enjoys facial hair and wants to be a paparazzo.

Likes to alfresco and stay up late watching letterman.

Also enjoys the Beatles and Whichwhat.
Where is bakalaka?

Getting a coffee.
by Thebigfellatso July 23, 2014
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