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a lolizzle fo shizzle is a very cool person. she is extremely hawt. she’s a flipping baller, and she always has amazing parties. no one is better than a lolizzle fo shizzle😍😍
lolizzle fo shizzles litty party was lit.
by The_peace_keeper February 20, 2018
Someone who is willing to fight for their rights, but are also willing to do it with peace and love.
She who wishes to fight for peace, is a peaceful warrior.
by The_peace_keeper May 7, 2017
Cactus Crew! You know who you are! Go hug a cactus. Cacti are goals!!🌵🌵 the 🌵 Is often used as a sign of sarcasm🌵
Go hug a cactus🌵
by The_peace_keeper May 7, 2017