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When you can really relate to something someone is saying.
Girl 1: I just looked at old pictures of myself and then I looked in the mirror... I'm still waiting for that glo-up
Girl2: That's a mood.
by The_Real_Bird_Pope October 04, 2018

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The Bird Cult is a growing society. You get initiate by the two Bird Popes. Yes it is very weird to have two popes but it is always a good idea to split up the power. The Bird Popes bless a bottle of water and then there is an initiationprocess. The levels of the Bird Cult in order are Nun, Priest, Bishop, Arch Bishop, Assistant to the Pope, and if a special occasion occurs where a Pope resigns the next most qualified member will be trained as Pope. In the case that there are two people equally qualified for the position there will be a test all about the culture and history of the Bird Cult. The member with the highest score will be named Pope. The values of the Bird Cult are simple Love, Peace, Hard work, and Respect For The Birds. There is only one thing we do not approve of... Bees. We have to respect them to keep the peace but every once in a while a war will be initiated. The Birds never attack the Bees they just always attack us. Like I said the Birds have values and one of them is Peace. We always respect the warriors who die. On a different note there is a language in the works for the Bird Cult. Some of the things that will get you kicked out: disrespecting the birds, worshipping the bees, not respecting our values, or disrespecting other cultures. The last thing the Bird Cult wants is to disrespect other cultures and religions.
Girl : I was just initiated into the bird cult society!
Guy : Oh my gosh! So was I!
Girl: So you're a Nun too?!
Guy: Yeah... I'm kind of nervous though I'm not great with learning languages...

Girl: Don't worry about it! I can help you study! Plus as Nun's we only have to memorize the first ten numbers!

Guy: Oh that's a relief can you help me study right now?
Girl: Of Course!

Guy: So as we climb up the ranks we should help each other.
Girl: Sure why not!
Guy: Why did you join?
Girl: I respect their values. Love and Peace is really my style. What about you?
Guy: I really like Birds and am really afraid of bees. They suck...
Girl: Same! But we should get back to getting ready for our initiate test!
Guy: Yeah you're right...
Random Person: What the heck is a Bird Cult?
Girl: It's not a Bird Cult i's THE Bird Cult.
Guy: Yeah it's a society that worships birds but it's really respectful to other cultures!
Girl: Yeah they're like really legit they even have a language!
Guy: They have good values and only dislike the bee's.
Girl: Let's just say the two don't get along very well.
Random Guy: So you don't sacrifice babies or cats or stuff like that?
Guy: NO WAY!! The Bird Cult is way respectful.
Random Guy: Hey that sounds pretty awesome! I think I might join!
Girl: You should! You would be a Nun just like us! Then we could all help each other!
Random Guy: Wow that sounds like an amazing idea! And I've already met so many amazing new people!
by The_Real_Bird_Pope October 04, 2018

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This is the alphabet. Why are you looking it up on the urban dictionary? You should really go back to kindergarten.
4 year old: What are abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz?
Kindergarten Teacher: They're letters! Ok class time to recite our daily abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy song otherwise known as the abc's! Our little friend here needs your help!
Class full of 5 year olds:" A B C D E F G (pause) H I J K L M N O P (pause) Q R S (pause) T U V (pause) W X (pause) Y and Z. Now I know my abc's (pause) next time won't you sing with me!"
4 Year old: I think I will! I know what abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz are now!
Author: Seriously do you need this? and why are you looking this up in the Urban Dictionary?
by The_Real_Bird_Pope October 04, 2018

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