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many people use it, although usually they don't understand it.
A Milkon is a female breast (haven't you guessed already?) but where people usually get it wrong is that they interpret it in a " Milk ON" way or to say that someones tits are very arousing. BUT in truth it's a "Milkon" ergo a Milk Gallon, it is... no WAS meant as a way to say a nursing mother have too much excess milk, or in other words are neglecting their child, but sadly that definition died off around the early 1900. and when some geeky high school-er found it in an old book, he didn't bother looking it up on urban dictionary (yes it existed, its SO awesome that it breaks space-time continuums for breakfast) and decided its another word to say "OMG! HUGE BOOBS!"
Wrong way: Dude! Check out that chick, awesome milkons eh?

Right way: Oh my! Did you know (insert-a-name gap-o) has got TONS of excess milk?

-Oh my, indeed! I was wondering how she increased her breast size so much, turns out it was just a milkon case
* "high class" laugh*
by TheShadyOne April 6, 2010
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