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A town in New York that everyone on this fucking website seems to hate because A FEW people are rich. Also hated because there are a lot of Jews. IS THAT EVEN SO BAD?!! Nobody gets ferraris, barely anyone even gets cars for their 16th b-day. Also, one definition made fun of our football team. YOU CAN MAKE FUN OF OUR WEALTH. YOU CAN MAKE FUN OF OUR RELIGION. YOU CAN MAKE FUN OF OUR GOOD SCHOOLS.
All these false stereotypes are making me want to move to Colorado, where I won't be treated like a snob BECAUSE I'M FUCKING NOT ONE! Also, there is a lot of snow here, which is a plus.
Hey you wanna move to Scarsdale? Yeah, I've heard it's a nice town with nice people. The kids would love all the snow, too.
by TheScarsdaleRaider March 20, 2013

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A musician who constantly releases amazing songs
Another incredible album from the band, they’re a banger factory.
by TheScarsdaleRaider January 19, 2021

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