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Libcome: The warped finacial logic of Liberals and a complete opposite to the word "income". California's government is a perfect example of negative cashflow economics.
"In California we can take 10 dollars and turn it into 5 dollars, and that my friends is the economic genius of Libcome".
by TheS4rge January 20, 2011
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Wardope: Military issued psychotropics or pain meds handed out in buckets to war weary troops in order to keep them from going fucking insane.
Hey shithead you gonna share your wardope?
by TheS4rge January 20, 2011
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Wikivandal- Usually a bored and semi intelligent hater of the rich and famous who modifies their Wiki pages whenever he/she wishes.
"I love being a Wikivandal, You can edit any page and someone, Somewhere is going to write their term paper on the bullshit you just made up".
by TheS4rge November 10, 2009
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Usually overweight and outcasts and bi-sexual. These individuals have hard time in society and are considered losers. They seem to embrace the occult and are confused with gender, also avoiding physical activity at all cost. Black nail polish, Black clothing, and tree worship are common in this . Easy to locate by moronic phrases such as, "Blessed be" and "Merry meet" and "So mote it be". The males in this cast are the very definition of Beta males and will not evolve to be top predators. Wicca-types are not essential to the survival of nor productive members of the Human race.
" I saw three wicca-types saying Merry Meet to each other, I wanted to smash their heads together."
by TheS4rge October 15, 2009
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