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A word often used in a chant by pedo's watching animals or humans fuck! It is a sign of male dominance and makes the man feel calm aroused and worthy!
Mount her, Mount her! Chanted the crowed while they fucked
by TheKidThatLikesYourMom December 20, 2018

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When a big titty goth girl gets her pussy penitrayted by a massive dick! If done correct she will cum instantly and her tits will shake like if she were in an earthquake!
I usually bangoth my friend on Fridays when she cums more often.
by TheKidThatLikesYourMom October 22, 2018

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An aidan is the nicest person you will ever meet! He is a nice caring boy and is very empathetic. Most Aidan's are sensitive but still don't back down from a debate or argue meant. He has good manners and respects people of all races, genders and backgrounds. Aidan's are creative, bright, intelligent, and excellent puzzle solvers and amazing at video games! If you happen to know an aidan he will always protect you with his life! Aidan's match well with calm thoughtful people typically people with the name Alex, Rachel, or Sarah. If you are going out with an aidan you are lucky
Omg she's so lucky she found an Aidan.
I wish I was like an aidan.
by TheKidThatLikesYourMom December 20, 2018

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