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He is the most amazing person in the world you can meet. he has an amazing sense of humor and there isnt one moment when you want to stop talking to him. He loves all his friends and isnt afraid to say it.

He will tell any girl he loves them if he truly does. he would never chat on anyone, hes too sweet.
Girl: who do you love?
Me: chris obviously
by TheGirlInLove April 21, 2012
Love is the feeling that you only feel once in a life time. When you are in true love, you will consider that love and all other affairs will seem so pointless compared to true love, see how a person can only really fall in love one time. It's hard to explain but if you think about it, you'll understand.
Love, true love, is when you are willing to let that person you love go with the love of his life, in order to just see him happy.
True Love is not blind... if you love the person you'll see there flaws, but still consider them beautiful.
You'll notice the little pimples they have all over their face, you notice how short they are, you notice that there's a bunch more beautiful people than that person.
Yet, you still love them.
Love is the only emotion that will never be 100% described. Love changes.... your life forever.
You might say "Oh, I've only loved two people in my life". Stop lying, you know that deep down you only loved one, and that true love, regardless whether you are married or not, will always be your love deep down.
Love, is not to be confused with a strong crush. No, when you love someone, you'll do anything for them, even see them walk away with the one they love... sometimes that may not be you.
You are not in "love" when you hug and kiss you boyfriend. You are in love when you firstly see him kiss and hug his girlfriend and leave it like that.
Love is fierce, and has hardships.
Love is not when you kiss the person in the rain, love is when you listen to the problems that person has even though it's raining.
Love is when even a little piece of grass has a meaning to you. Nature seems beautiful, you look up at the sky and think about that person, you think of that person before you fall asleep, while your in the shower, while you sing, while your in class, while your walking, while your writting definitions, while your writting, while your on your cellphone... sometimes you might even doze of thinking of that person.
Love, is when you write a deep defition on Urban Dictionary and cry/laugh while you deeply think of what love really is.
Love is when you read this defition and not laugh or smirk. Love is when you realize the defition wasn't meant to be perverted, and you read the defition with a clean mind. Love is when you read the entire defition and realize that love has happened to you and realize that even with its flaws love is a beautiful thing.

Good luck.
The love I felt for him never meant anything to him.
I thought that maybe it did, but deep down I knew I was lying to myself... he never cared for me. While each day I fell more in love with him, he couldn't have cared less.

If you read the defition and thought it was perverted.. you are a dirty perverted bastard.
by TheGirlInLove November 15, 2007