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A man that is found to be very articulate, intelligent, worldly, well-travelled, handsome, creative and considered at the top of his game in regards to marriage material and if married, considered to be a king among men.
She just found herself an Andrico. He is definitely an Andrico in every way.
by TheFuze November 18, 2014
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Another way of referencing marijuana joints.
All these kids these days are on those special cigarretes!
by TheFuze April 5, 2018
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To disappoint your friends on a regular basis.

This word originated towards the end of 2014 at St Andrews, Bloemfontein when a specific learner named Josh, constantly let down his peers with illogical excuses and reasons.
Jaime: "You're still coming to the BBQ on Friday with Andrico and Dean right?"

Josh on Tuesday: "Sure I'll be there!"

Andrico on Thursday: "See you tomorrow!"

Josh: "No sorry I can't stay over I have to study."

Jaime: "Yeah right."

Josh: "Actually I don't wanna go.

Dean: "You guys see he's joshing us again..."
by TheFuze October 30, 2014
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