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Stands for One True Pairing. Usually refers to characters from a fictional work, or some kind of entertainment. Basically it means you ship these characters a ton, whether or not they're actually dating.
Person 1: Do you ship Romione?
Person 2: Yeah, but Laurens and Hamilton are my OTP.
by TheFourteenthPhoenix May 21, 2017
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Gender fluidity, or being gender fluid, is NOT a mental illness or anything of the sort. It is a gender identity just like any other- your gender is fluid from day to day. One day you could be male, the next female, and then non-binary. You don't always even figure it out before it changes again! (Btw this is a firsthand account of my personal experience being genderfluid, but it's slightly different for everybody.) Sometimes it switches during the day, or might stay the same for a while. Someone who is genderfluid might ask for different pronouns on different days, or they might just use one set usually. All this is completely normal! And for anyone who searched this because they think they might be genderfluid, I wish you best of luck :)
I'm genderfluid. Yesterday I was non-binary, this morning I was female, and now I'm male.
by TheFourteenthPhoenix April 07, 2017
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A rainbow flag, known as the Gay Pride Flag or LGBTQ+ flag.
I'm gay and I spend a lot of time advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, so the 🏳️ 🌈 (LGBTQ+ Pride flag) is one of my most commonly used emojis.
by TheFourteenthPhoenix February 13, 2017
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