The pride flag has straight lines so all you lbgt people got to sign a petition for bent lines
Oi have you seen how straight the pride flag is
by bds_2007 November 11, 2019
A flag used by the LGBT community to represent a gender or sexual identity

Examples of pride flags:

• The rainbow flag uses red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple stripes (🏳️ 🌈)

• The transgender pride flag uses pink, blue and white stripes

• The pansexual pride flag uses pink, blue and yellow stripes
During the month of June, the streets will be lined with pride flags.
by θ November 17, 2018
When a guy paints his penis in pride colors and ejaculates
Pride flagging is most common during pride month
by Pridefulofnuts July 24, 2019
Any sort of flag to represent gender, sexual, and romantic minorities.

the most common ones are the rainbow lgbtq flag (🏳️ 🌈) and the transgender flag ;(🏳️ ⚧️)
there are many other ones as well that are for more specific groups such as

• the bisexual flag

• the lesbian flag (yay me)
• the pansexual flag

• the asexual flag
• the non binary flag

• the gender fluid flag

and so on :D

they are usually used to show your pride for a specific sexuality/gender
“Me and Cassie went and bought pride flags last month”
“Jack has a demiboy pride flag in his room”
by Random idiot :o February 25, 2021
The pride flag used by the LGBT community to represent Transgender people
I wish unicode would make a transgender pride flag emoji
by θ November 17, 2018
A rainbow flag, known as the Gay Pride Flag or LGBTQ+ flag.
I'm gay and I spend a lot of time advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, so the 🏳️ 🌈 (LGBTQ+ Pride flag) is one of my most commonly used emojis.
by TheFourteenthPhoenix February 13, 2017
"hey, what's a pride flag?"
"oh, just my friend tommy/thomas! l'he is gay as hell!"
by wilburzw September 15, 2022