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The pride flag has straight lines so all you lbgt people got to sign a petition for bent lines
Oi have you seen how straight the pride flag is
by bds_2007 November 11, 2019
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Any sort of flag to represent gender, sexual, and romantic minorities.

the most common ones are the rainbow lgbtq flag (🏳️ 🌈) and the transgender flag ;(🏳️ ⚧️)
there are many other ones as well that are for more specific groups such as

β€’ the bisexual flag

β€’ the lesbian flag (yay me)
β€’ the pansexual flag

β€’ the asexual flag
β€’ the non binary flag

β€’ the gender fluid flag

and so on :D

they are usually used to show your pride for a specific sexuality/gender
β€œMe and Cassie went and bought pride flags last month”
β€œJack has a demiboy pride flag in his room”
via giphy
by Random idiot :o February 24, 2021
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A flag used by the LGBT community to represent a gender or sexual identity

Examples of pride flags:

β€’ The rainbow flag uses red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple stripes (🏳️ 🌈)

β€’ The transgender pride flag uses pink, blue and white stripes

β€’ The pansexual pride flag uses pink, blue and yellow stripes
During the month of June, the streets will be lined with pride flags.
by ΞΈ November 17, 2018
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