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A dis-proven hypothesis, which still has large support in the "scientific" community. This is purely due to the reason that people simply wants to believe in it, as it entitles them of no moral responsibility whatsoever.

The hypothesis says, that all species evolved over time from a single common ancestor, through gradual beneficial variations, which has accumulated over millions of years.

This hypothesis is invalid due to the following:
The eye, ear and any other irreducibly complex systems could not have evolved by "slight beneficial variations" as each part is completely and utterly worthless if simple one of the pieces are missing.
Many more scientific counter-evidences can be presented, though the above should be enough for any honest supporter of evolution to abandon the hypothesis.

This logical evidence disproving evolution has not posed much of a problem, due to the fact that supporters of the hypothesis have suspended the use of logic and rationality.
The supporters of evolution have, in their desperate search for evidence to back up the hypothesis, uncovered more than 100 million fossils, all showing that species appeared suddenly, out of nowhere and fully formed, not by gradual changes.
The few so called transitional forms that have been uncovered are simply birds with teeth claimed to come from dinosaurs, dogs with wider tails claimed to be whales and humans with slightly smaller skull capacity claimed to be apes.

These overwhelming empirical counter-evidences have caused the supporters of evolution to become fanatic in their belief, and the "scientific" hypothesis has moved away from science and turned into more of a religious belief.

Evolutionist propaganda can be found in any biology text book, where the dis-proven hypothesis is portrayed as fact. The propaganda authors loves to demonstrate the evolution of man from ape with a line, showing a chimp morphing into a human. This line is totally fictious, a product of the authors imagination and has no basis in the fossil record.

Many supporters find the lack of evidence so embarrassing, they have crafted fossils to prove it, such as piltdown man.

Facing this utter lack of evidence, and abundance of counter-evidences, the supporters of evolution simply attacks any one questioning the hypothesis, refusing any kind of debate and simply labeling the refuter as a "Religious fanatic!!!". They try to portray the hypothesis as a fact, and loves to bring forth completely unfounded claims such as "Evolution is as much a law as gravity".
Evolutionist: Man evolved from ape.
Normal person: Can you provide any proves?
Evolutionist: uhmmmmm... get out of here, you religous fanatic!
by TheEasyWay March 19, 2009
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A statement which in itself is self-contradictiory
Irony: When an atheist says he doesn't believe in coincidences.
by TheEasyWay March 19, 2009
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