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To be the most chill. The epitome of chill. To be so chill that others around the chillest become chill in his or her wake. It is a great honor to be known as the chillest for others will seek you in times of great distress, your chillest state will save them. The chillest is most noted for the great words of chilldom that comes in the most tasteful of Jaimacan accents being "Fret me not Bruddah/Sistah, everything will be alright" causing great chill and further advancing the world to chilldom. To become the chillest, one must follow the Path of Chill. This can involve the use of the ganja, but it is not necessary. The path towards chillest enlightenment is one of greatness and should be followed by anyone who seeks and enjoys the art of chill.
Jack : "Have you seen Alonso lately?"
Jill : "I have, he is in meditation upon his rock of chilldom. Just before he entered meditation he told me to fret him not, and that everything will be alright"
Jack : "Alonso is truly the chillest"
Jill : "Indeed, I fret him not."
by TheChillestDude February 01, 2015

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A euphemism for bullshit.
Jack : "Man, that is some bullshit right there"
Jill : "No, Jack. We can't say that in front of the children. That is some bullswanky right there"
by TheChillestDude February 03, 2015

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Text acronym for the "Oh That's A Hoot"

A woman named Stacy came up with it. It's now a thing.
"OTAH, I'd totally do that."
"Eating PopRocks then drinking a soda, OTAH."
by TheChillestDude October 03, 2018

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