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Abilene is a backwater hick town in mid Kansas infested with hicks, many old, loud, crappy trucks, crappy country music, and more hicks. Population of around 6,000. Filled with alot of wannabe hick-gangsters who frequently use illegal drugs. The most common would be Marijuana.
-"Wow that guy drives a POS truck."
-"Yea he's probably from Abilene"

-"Did that hick just get blazed and try rapping? He's white."
-"What a tool. He's defnitely from Abilene."
by The1ThatOwnz December 09, 2010

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Something many claim to be but unfortunately are unable to follow through with the code of the JereBear.

The JereBear code.
1. You respect women. No exceptions unless that bitch cheats on you!
2. Spread love like it was going out of style (mainly to women)
3. No homosexuals can be JereBears. Sorry but that's life
4. Always treat a woman like she was your woman. That way if you're available she will know that you are the shit and all other guys are just turd shits.
5. JereBears don't cheat. Straight up
6. "Bros before hoes" applies to all JereBears unless it's your woman
7. You are not a bitch and will not take shit from a woman even one you have a high level of respect for
8. Don't cheat on your woman especially if she's amazing.
9. Don't cheat on your woman even if she is cheating on you.
10. Cheating is not tolerated by a JereBear. You must immediately break off the relationship if she cheats. Both offenders are at fault. ONE EXCEPTION is if it was completely forced at which point you will gather all strength and will power, hook up with some friends, and beat the living shit out of the dude who messed with your woman.
11. Your name MUST BE JEREMY!!!!
That guy is so smooth with the ladies. He must be a JereBear
by The1ThatOwnz April 08, 2011

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