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scots slang for bird ( girlfriend!!)
did ya see ma burd fit aint she!!!!
by The girl March 18, 2004
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Already Been Chewed - or American Broadcasting Company. Virtually the same thing.
by the girl July 27, 2003
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when someone has taken things a bit to far. Taken from the film Shrek.
piss take turned sour. a saying to calm it down before someone punches fuck out of them!!
by The girl March 18, 2004
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The area between the balls and the butthole of a male or female. More pleasurable area for the male, as it can also be referred to as the "underground penis."
ex. Please, honey, rub my grundle.
by The Girl March 11, 2005
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To engage in sexual intercourse.
Last night, the new boy and I were fandangling at my place.
by The girl January 27, 2004
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An amazing convenience store. Located in the Northeast US, wawa is home to great coffee and subs. It was named for a town in Delaware County, which was named for the American Indian word for Canadian Goose. Wawa is owned and operated privately, with Dick Wood as president of the company. Yes, his name is Dick Wood, but he's really nice. He was my neighbor, when I lived in Wawa...and now I'm rambling.
I'm going to run to Wawa to pick up some milk, which is always dairy-fresh.
by the girl March 22, 2005
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