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Mack has two definitions:
A mack can be a person who is smooth, slick, the Best of the Best, a Pimp, a Ladies Man, the guy who runs everything a.k.a. the Boss. A mack is a person who is always flirting and hitting on girls. Almost always successful at it too.


Mack can be used as a verb, as the act of flirting and hitting on girls.
Roney Binepal is a Mack.
I'm gonna go mack on some fine ass bitches right now.
by The Showstoppa September 12, 2005

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It either means something bad, like you're backstabbing someone, or if you just did something cold.
It can mean something that gangsteror ill. Something that is good, basically.
1. Yo, that was jus plain grimey (cold).
2. That car is grimey man.
by The Showstoppa April 12, 2005

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Punjabi drinking anthem.
"oye desi... lets get drunk nd listen to daru pee ke"
"im down"
by The Showstoppa January 24, 2007

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