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how retards spell field
"omg lawl i liek tolly wanna to liek play feild hockey l8er 2day liek oh my gawsh!!1"
by The Owner of LOL November 12, 2007

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a rich fuck that is the co-creator of virgin mobile and yes, he does have his own private island..ive seen it...on MTV cribs
Richard Branson's son can't find himself a girlfriend so his dad has to buy off a girl for him
by The Owner of LOL October 20, 2007

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kick ass place in long island.
common population here is pretty cool, alot of middle class, som rich assholes but most are nice.
the schools are pretty ghey til your above seventh grade
too much monitoring in the schools though, basically like jail.
Were good at most sports but we also suck ass at some.
Good thing bout the school is they have sum hot ass girls.. ironically most are from bayville but sum hot ones from LV.
Yea thats basically it lol.
Locust Valley: A place where you can get suspended for two months for punching someone. But once your free you can just grind with hot ass girls at the school dance.
by The Owner of LOL September 29, 2007

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The act of a girl dancing by shaking her ass and a guy going behind her and basically shaking his hips around her ass and humping her with his penis, best if done with a hot chick, big ass, and accompanied by the girl wearing "so lows" Fun if lasts longer than 15 seconds and if the chick knows how to shake her ass. Best if done with dim lighting and alot of alcohol. Usually doesnt earn a boner unless your horny but still fun. Usually done with multiple partners in one night.
As Chuck Norris was grinding Jennifer Lopez he realized her ass wasnt big enough, he then proceeded to roundhouse kick her in the face 3 million times a second times until she was nothing but a flat chested, no booty having mexican (which isnt common), she was then viciously raped by 18 priests.
by The Owner of LOL September 29, 2007

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