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A pairing of two people or characters that you would never expect to be romantically compatible. Crack couples are usually meant to be funny, but sometimes they actually happen.
Dom: Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson... what a crack couple... it'll never las-WHUUUU????? She's pregnant!?!?!?!

by The One Who Sat The Fuck Down January 14, 2011
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The female equivalent to morning wood. When a female wakes up in the morning and her genitals are in an aroused state (moist) as if sexually excited.
Jake: (to his girlfriend) So.. this morning, just before you were awake, I decided to try fingering you in your sleep to see what would happen.

Marissa:.... Okay. (blushes) Go on..

Jake: Well... to my juicy surprise... (he says with a sly smile on his face) ...you had morning dew!

Marissa: (thinking to herself in embarrassment: I knew I shouldn't have been fantasizing about David Tennant before falling asleep last night!!)
by The One Who Sat The Fuck Down October 18, 2012
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Usually through texting or IMing, two people are speaking to one another about a certain topic and during the delay on one of the person's responses, the other person puts in something irrelevant to what they are about to answer. When the other person finishes typing the first response, he/she then begin to respond to the irrelevant comment during the time the other person responds to the first answer. Thus continues a spiral of confusion which usually ends in them asking one another what they are talking about and what they are referring to, topic 1 or 2.
Jim: Hey did you see the new Tim Burton movie?
Anna: *Anna is typing...*
Jim: Oh and btw Lauren got a new puppy!
Anna: No I didn't see it yet. Is it good?
Jim: *Jim is typing...*
Anna: OMG a new puppy? What kind!
Jim: It was okay. More shitty music. I miss Danny Elfman's old stuff.
Jim: Its a chihuahua. Like her old one.
Anna:Yeah I miss it.
Jim: Yeah. It was so much more dynamic.
Anna: Wait.. what? Her old dog?
Jim: No, his music.
Anna: Whose music.
Jim: I'm confused..... sigh. I hate double conversations.
by The One Who Sat The Fuck Down September 10, 2012
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These kind of people are usually the most annoying ones in the group of friends. If there is a Justa in your group of friends, chances are everyone hates her but she doesn't know it. She gets pissed off at everything and its the most satisfying moment in life when you see her sitting alone in a corner in silent anger. She has the most annoying laugh that echoes out into the wilderness and letting it be mistaken for a mating call to hippos. Its quite ironic because Justas are usually quite large themselves.
Lilith: So.. I hung out with Justa today.
Marge: LOLthatsucks.
Lilith: ...... I KNOW!!!
Lil: !!!!! *.*
by The One Who Sat The Fuck Down August 26, 2008
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