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A half erect penis, either a result of being only partialy aroused, or being paranoid of being caught.
"So then she took off her pants and was about to start riding me, but then Steve came home, and we had to stop all of a sudden. After he left, we tried to get back into it, but my wang was freaked out, and I couldn't get it up past half-chub, so we just gave up."
by the mecca November 03, 2006
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1. A cylindrical writing utensil filled with graphite.
2. Someone who is particularly thin
1. "yo pass me that pencil, Gangsta!"

2. "Hey there Chris D, Whats up pencil dude?
by The Mecca October 04, 2007
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1.One who displays childish qualities and/or misbehaves in a childish fashion.

2. A half erect penis see also half-chub
Megan is being such a chubber. i wish she would grow up sometimes.
by the mecca November 03, 2006
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