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Patron AƱejo, an expensive brand of tequila.
"Take a shot of this here Patron, and it's gon' be on" - Usher
by The Lurker December 15, 2004
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BMW, a fine German automobile.
"Drop top BMs, I'm the man, girlfriend!" - Notorious B.I.G.
by The Lurker October 26, 2004
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radio edit for "fucked." Used in Green Day's song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and others.
"What's uckfed up and everything's alright..."
by The Lurker May 18, 2005
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An adjective meaning expensive.
"Gas in California is mad bank! $2 a gallon!"
by The Lurker January 07, 2005
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Not believing or disaproving
I slept with my sister

by The Lurker June 10, 2003
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