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Penis pudding
There is semen blasting out of my penis!
by the king November 18, 2003

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A Good Band, thats good live, taht some luckey gits get away with getting seated tickets, but are masters at stealth :P
Person1: i seen muse with my mates yesterday,
was ment to b seating but snuck in to standing
by The King April 01, 2005

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1) Opening in the nose that varies in size and shape from person to person. Used for sniffing, breathing and smelling.
How you finger gets into your nose.
by The king November 18, 2003

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When you drink all 6 Labatt bottles and line them up with the labels facing out. Referencing the blue lines on an ice rink.
Watching the capitals win, I just killed this six pack to make the blue line.
by The KiNG August 31, 2013

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The smell after a night of sex and flatulance.
Man this car smells like fadussy!
by The King January 07, 2005

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Someone who constantly lives in their own dilusional bubble. They always harp on about pulling "fitties" ALL the time; "riding ALL night long" and having great "footballing vision/skills". Realistically everyone knows a dilusionist's life is duller than an old grannies' haemorrhoid infected ass, but unfortunately they will never realise this!!
My mate told me he pulled a northern fitty at the weekend and ended up riding her all night long. What he didn't realise is that i saw the hairy munter leaving his house the next day and she said he fell asleep after spurting in his boxers......the man's a f*cking dilusionist!!
by The King October 16, 2003

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of Friar like proportions; from the gothic regions of Tasmania, a herbalist and an adept dwarf like species of primate noted for voyeuristic tendencies and panty sniffing.

Famous for its untamed laughter and unabashed exberance. A quick judge of character and an intelligent and trustworthy friend.

Not to be mistaken with fried oyster gnat pate similar to the rillettes du Mans from the Southern Seychelles region of Kazakhstan.

A species of Needra/Camel Hybrid known for its staunch opposition to labour and its penchant for gluttony.

also utilised in the characterisation of a 'fucking Harrison' in the term, 'fucking harrison'.....

a person seeking employment at a pre-school for the mute

a cup which is 3/4's empty and full of a salt like substance the owner claims is a condiment
set in southern Portugal before legislative reforms incorporating the concept of statutory rape...

Granton: 'hello child... come hither...'
child: you deadbeat?? y aren't you at work.... my dad has to till the King's fifedom to subsidise people like you
Granton: my child.. i am a learned scholar specialising in the anatomy of smal primates.... plus i have some assorted lollies...
Child: in that case
Granton: (smiling)......

a little bit later....
kiddies in play -fife: 'why are you limping Tommy'? (aka.. the child)
Child: shutup you serfs!!! (thinking of a happy place)....
by the King April 25, 2005

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