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One of the best rappers around coming straight out of Georgia. He is unfortunately not very well known but he has some of the deepest lyrics, on a spiritual level, there are. Good examples are "Vice Versa" and "Acid Rain"
YO Julian! I got the new Pastor Troy cd! Let's go blast that sh*t and just chill out dawg.
by The Juicer March 04, 2006

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A phrase used when the conversation has died. The goal is to start up a new conversation, either about the Lakers, or simply because it often comes off as a completely random phrase to the other person.
"Hey, hows it going?"
"Good you?"
"SO! How bout' them Lakers?"
"What are you talking about, loser?"
by The Juicer June 29, 2006

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Stands for Down South Georgia Boys. A rap group which includes Lil Pete the Disciple, Blackout (aka Black 2K),
Pinhead the Hellraiser and of course Pastor Troy. Their most popular hit, D.S.G.B. is pure FIYA!
Juice: YO, Julz! You heard that knew D.S.G.B. song?
Julz: Man, what the heck is D.S.G.B.?
Juice: Down South Georgia Boys, you busta!
Julz: Oh yeah, that's P. Troys group! Let's go blast that sh*t homie!
by The Juicer June 01, 2006

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The AR-15, short for Assault Rifle, is a lightweight, magazine fed, .223 caliber, automatic rifle. Can tear anybody to pieces in seconds. A favorite or Pastor Troy.
Pastor Troy: The police pull us over. They friskin niggas, they tearin' ma truck up. But they ain't find shit..... but my AR-15. When I saw the cracka pull out the gun... I went and open the police car door and got in ma muthafuckin' self.
by The Juicer June 01, 2006

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