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A game that has none stop fun from beginning to end. One can "boom-shak-a-laka" a hit or possibly say "he's on fire" about a certain green ball. Either way, NBA Jams is constant fun, especially when you go to Eckard and buy healthy snacks. Side effects may include: many Wild Chicken games, live preformances of "Oh Sanyog", and the urge to quit crew
Sanyog asked, "Perhaps you chaps would love to endulge in a sporting game of the ball in which you shoot it into baskets?"

Dan replied, "F that ish, let's take out some bitches and play some NBA JAMS!!!!!!!"

*Note* Myron just sits there and laughs
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the cheese that reigns supreme over the Cheese Kingdom. He wears a crown of mozzerella, cheddar, and swiss.
Have you ever seen the cheese king heat a hat???
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a line used by terrible actors during 9th grade scenes
She spoke of my beefy treat like she wanted a bite
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