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The ultimate must have car.

Designed by John Z. DeLorean whom challenged the automotive industry when he rolled out his ethical sports car from hios factory in Northern Ireland. A series of court battles and limited sales of his car led to his eneviatble bankrupcy. This happened dispite the car being chosen for the film, although it was too late for John DeLorean's company it was just in time to save the car.
Today, because of the success of the film it is a sought after piece of memorabillia as only 8,583 DeLoreans were ever made, this was during 1981, 1982 and 1983.
You can find DeLoreans advertised for sale in newspapers, in car magazines, and on the Internet, with lots and lots of miles accrued and still commanding $20,000-$40,000. And those prices are going up. Indeed, the gold-plated DMC-12s go for $175.000.
by The Informer January 24, 2005

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In the year 1986, an epic party was thrown in shanghai. The entire city party and it was so epic that 1,318,386 bodies were found dead and there are still more than 950,000 bodies missing. The Chinese military tried to intervene to stop the party, but they did not succeed. The party lasted 17 days and more than $2.3 billion dollars worth have damage was dealt to the city. After the dust cleared and the party ended, the Chinese government decided to hide the fact that their was an awesome party by telling the world they just experienced a massive earthquake.

Recently an American director found some footage of the party and tried to recreated a movie based of it, but on a smaller scale. The movie is commonly referred to as "Project X"
That party last night was sick! But it was nothing like Shanghai 1986
by The informer November 29, 2012

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A large town in the norther part of Somerset. More commonly known as:
Bilgewater because the disgusting smell as you enter its outskirts from the south. Also an insult. To call some a Bilgewater or Bridgewater is calling them a smelly, unwashed piece of shit.
Anyone who likes it there is either insane or criminally insane.
Bilgewater is like Hull, but locally. The crappest town in Somerset.
Person 1:Hey you! Bilgewater/Bridgewater
Person 2: How dare you!! *SMACK!!*

You get the point
by The Informer December 16, 2004

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The baddest motherfuckin' pro wrestler in Georgia
Kaos just beat the shit out of all the NWA Wildside talent
by the informer May 12, 2003

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