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A retarded rip-off to a similar retard show (Nip tuck). Grey's Anatomy has alot of episodes that involve BDSM relationship and Asiaphillic white and black men.
Grey's Anatomy is a dumb show, It's another half-assed soap opera that involve a hospital setting.
by The Harmeister March 23, 2007

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The most overated game series ever. So what if it has good graphics, retarded looking characters, and a Japanesey look. It seems that today, Video Games are automatically cool if they have sharp graphics, and it looks Japanese or Chinese. And Video Games that have all sorts of fun stuff but don't have the best graphics or if they dont look Japanesey are often turned down even by serious gamers. It seems that one of the follys of Modern gaming is that gamers are being turned into wimps. I remmember back in "the days" when all those old and classical video games wouldn't have all those 1 hour long bullshit Cut scenes. Don't get me wrong, I like videogame cutscenes but not if they are hella long.
I sure hope they dont turn Mario from a Cool and Funny looking Italian/New Yorker plumber into some overused, sleek, deadly and Asian-looking yet gay looking Samurai or Warrior who would strip off his clothes after every battle. That would suck now would It.
by The Harmeister March 31, 2005

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Anime is not only popular in Japan, North America and Europe but it's also becoming quite popular in Vietnam and China. Usually the reason why people would dislike anime is because they haven't found an anime they like and who wouldn't blame them, most of the stuff they air on American television is watered down crap (eg: Inuyasha, Naruto, Post-Cell series DBZ) but there are some good animes that I like that have been shown on American networks (such as Yu Yu Hakusho and some of the older Gundams)

The best way to watch anime is to stream it from the internet because it's highway robbery to buy DVDs in American and Europe.
Douglas: I hate Anime, anime is for fags!

Sam: Well Dougie maybe that's because you haven't found an anime you like, you should go to this site to watch them, don't go to babbages or sun coast.

Douglas: -He goes home to watch anime on him computer and he watches episode of Inuyasha-

At school again
Douglas: OMG, I love Inuyasha =^^=

Douglas: Doug...........that show sucks dude...
by The Harmeister December 14, 2007

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A dumb little rock island that the Republic of (South) Korea and Japan argue over like immature little toddlers. Dokdo is a barren rock located in obscurity far away from both Korea and Japan.

To Koreans, it is called "Dokdo" to the Japanese it is called "Takeshima" to the UN, it is called "disputed lands"
If the Japanese and Koreans can't come to an agreement over those stupid rocks, then China should own it or have North Korea nuke Dokdo until it sinks underwater.
by The Harmeister July 26, 2006

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Another monsterious series that was crapped out from the asses of Sqaure-enix (and SqaureSoft for the earlier FF games). Possibly WORSE than Final Fantasy, the reason why: ITS FINAL FANTASY...WITH DISNEY CHARACTERS! Whats next "Kingdom Spades": Final Fantasy meets Cartoon Network, "Kingdom Clovers": Final Fantasy meets Nickelodeon, or "Kingdom Diamonds": Final Fantasy meets Warner Bros. I sure don't want those things to be crapped out the asses of Sqaure.
If Kingdom Hearts and evil Square have thier way and if Kingdom Spades, Kingdom Clovers, and Kingdom Diamond are made, then we are probably going to have to kiss good, wholesome, tasteful, quality gaming goodbye.
by The Harmeister April 01, 2005

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The protagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He disguises himself as a Buddhist monk to hide his communist/maoist inclinations. He is racist against Fire Nation people except for self-loathing Fire Nation traitors like Iroh and Zuko. Aang is a terrorist who constantly attacks Fire Nation soldiers for doing their jobs and trying to bring peace to the Avatar World.
It is a well known fact that if you want to be an avatar, you have to a registered member of the Earth, Water, Fire, Kyoshi communist parties. Aang was allowed to be an avatar because he's a communist
by The Harmeister April 09, 2008

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