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a pokemon that specializes in hard ass kicks,one good kick in the balls from this pokemon and you're through.ha ha ha ha ha
hitmonlee go!,megakick now!!!!!!!
by the cobra February 25, 2005
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Being in a generally grumpy mood and/ or getting worked up and frustrated over something. See also moated
What's wrong with Chris? I don't know, he's all butt sore over something.

Dude, don't get butt sore!
by The Cobra January 18, 2005
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a motherfucking shit head who has liquid doo-doo for brains
Josh:do you know shanel hill?
cameron:yeah that bitch is a crap holder
by the cobra February 24, 2005
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Frustrated and pissed off over minute things. See also: butt sore
Dude, don't get all moated about it.
by The Cobra January 17, 2005
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