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An atheist who is "soft" on religious belief, and tolerant of even the worst intellectual and moral excesses of religion: atheist accommodationist.
A lot of leftist faitheists say, "I'm not religious, but we shouldn't criticize the Muslim oppression of women because it's a sincere religious belief.
by The Barefoot Bum July 17, 2009

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That which is brilliant specifically because it is unintentionally stupid; unintentionally ironic.
Gilligan's Island and Plan 9 from Outer Space are pure bulldada.
by The Barefoot Bum March 17, 2010

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A citizen of Nazi Germany who participated in or overlooked atrocities while denying personal moral responsibility by appeal to his submission to supposedly legitimate authority.
The American CIA agents who relied on the White House legal justification of torture were nothing more than Good Germans.
by The Barefoot Bum June 18, 2009

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