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The word word means when you say a word and try to find out the deffinition of a word a brand new word comes up and u got nothin' to do and also try to avoid "Do you are have stupid" someone because that is a word and a word is anyoing and you can not uno reverse card a word because it is a word
Ok, thats all had to say.
Billy: AYO, Bob whatchu doin there?
Bob: Do you are have stupid

Billy: waht?
Bob: I just gave you the word curse and you can not reverse it
Billy: oh.
Bob: .........
Billy: "dissapears eternaly to the shadow realms
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The ultimate flex that wil eternaly inprison your oponent in the shadow realm forver.
Teacher: *billy have you done your homework?*
Billy: *Gaming setup
Teacher: *banished to the shadow realms FOREVER
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