4 definitions by The gingerbread man

Ginger from birth, also a huge twat and has a 'gang' of so called 'friends'
by The gingerbread man April 16, 2018
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A game involving punching a friend on the arm or leg when you see a mini. Seeing a yellow mini results in 5 punches or 'bashes'. Rumour is that a gold mini means 10 punches.
Yellow mini. Mini bash! 5 punches in the arm
by The gingerbread man September 25, 2013
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Someone who believes that they are a pimp/player because they talk to any girl they pass (regardless of their looks).
That farmer thinks he's so pimp because he's talking to those ugly girls, what a crunchy crigga!
by The gingerbread man November 11, 2006
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