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What the rioters at the Capitol need to do if they'll ever reach the mass destruction of the left wing rioters.
Deplorables need to step it up! They'll never achieve the level of destruction we did burning cities and assaulting civilians. Hell, we burned a police station and all they did was storm a building with minimal destruction. Pussies!
by The Truth Dammit! January 8, 2021
A mountain town in western New Hampshire as stereotypically redneck as anywhere in the South. Home of Ruger Firearms, hence the town is militantly pro-gun. Rebel flags are even an occasional sight. The local barbershop on the corner of Sunapee St. and Main St. is called Git R Cut, since the town is proud of it's Redneck label. Classy middle class homes are located across from white trash dwellings, and everyone seems to get along. Drunks are all over this town, but fortunately the heroin addicts and such are all nestled privately on Laurel St. and the surrounding environs, especially Cross Street. Lifted trucks are also quite common to see. Many residents are classic inbreds.

North Newport, the rich area located in the woods, still habors some run down houses and farms.

Newport is an upscale shithole in disguise. Despite the description, it is a pleasant area to live. Low crime rate, friendly folks. And the Country Kitchen restaurant has great biscuits and gravy.
"I gotta head into Newport, New Hampshire to see what's in stock at Rody's Gun Shop."
by The Truth Dammit! October 6, 2009
Coffee that is not decaf. Nothing else.
I said a large regular coffee, if I wanted cream and sugar I would have asked. DUH!
by The Truth Dammit! July 11, 2011