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John: whats up man?
James: not much ssdd
by The LoSeR October 04, 2003

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Out of it, Not thinking clearly, The result of smoking to much Pot.
Bob: DUde the monkeys are comin ta eat me!
Fred: Dude your burnt, lay off the pot.
by The LoSeR September 25, 2003

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Awesome; cool; the shiznit; phat; absolutely fabulous; kinky; nasty (in a good way); superb; excellent
Kim: i think we should go back to my place an have some fun.
John:great gravy!
by The LoSeR September 25, 2003

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Party in which all participating males of a circle jerk ejaculate into a cocktail glass. The loser, or the man to ejaculate last, must take the scrumptious drink, and give it to his girlfriend. Should the loser not have one, he must proceed to drink it himself.

Either way, you are going home alone that night.
Friend 1: We had a nice, friendly little Cocktail Party.

Friend 2: And?

Friend 1: I ended up swallowing 13 different men's semen at once.
by The Loser February 13, 2012

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