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A fuckress is a female who has had a rubber/metal penis sewn into her genetial area and is accused for rape of men. Most often they are buff, jacked, and unattractive which makes the experience all the more unpleasent. They like to leave marks which identifys their own unique fucking, such as Daniel Crooksin, she fucked holes through necks as she stuck her 12 inch steel penis in and through their mouths. She would do this after she savagly raped their bloody bums.
Did you see that lady in the paper! That fuckress got my husband! She raped him so hard I could barley tell he had a butt afterwards. I wish that bitch was lesbian so she would fuck me. mmmmmmmm
by The Fuck Machine February 08, 2005
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A Warm Karl is when you take your fecial product (Shit) and put it in a cup. Then you piss in the cup to the top. Once you have filled the cup with your shit and piss, you fit the cup on your erected penis. Once your shit and piss has soaked into your pubes and penis, you remove the cup and insert your smelly penis into a wrinkley ladys bum. Then you rape her bum until she has her period on your face. Can also be used in masturbation.
Did you see Mike O'Brien Warm Karl his gandma? I heard that DOBer walked in on him. How wrong is that!!!
by The Fuck Machine February 10, 2005
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a word that 1337 (leet or elite) pro's use, leik me, in online gaming. Falls into catergory of 1337 $p33c|-| (or Leet Speech). subsitutes for the word 'you' like, 'you fucking newb = *joo* fucking newb, except it would really be, 'joo f|_|(kE|\| n00B3rz!!1'
Okéi all joo n00berz, lîzten up. Fïrst öFf... Im teh Über pr0 pwnzér & knö Qüeztions a$ked, o0kay?? I pwnerêd all nöuberz fRom all lÄnd$ like Spiane---ïë.. and teh ßûlgariananic tRïbez and shiîz sô DÖNT ße mes2ën or joö'll hÄve knö heÄd ßïÄTÇH!!!11 Ökïe, seçondly ofF, dïs çlan- ïs alsö téh pwnzör l337 clan, an'd öur main spécïaltylizér is pwnzing n00bs leik joo. Okéii, and 4öuRth ÖFf, ïf, in âny such wây, jôo ïnzultz üs, joo will hÄvé t0 bé hëad-shoTtÉd ând will cO/\/\e homë fRöm schKöôl an"d Fïnd joÜ hâve n0 housë and only a pilë of n0üb ÄshEz. s0 FÜÇ|< 0Ff Joü FûKëm NoößS!
by The Fuck Machine February 08, 2005
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