3 definitions by The Corrector

We was in the club poppin' them Shamps all night.

I got a massive headache from all the Shamps I drank last night.

Champs is short for Champions. Shamps is short for Champagne
by The Corrector August 29, 2013
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A phrase taken from a failed Genesis game very well know for its engrish or very poor english grammer.

by The Corrector January 17, 2003
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You'd have a romantic or sexual relationship with either gender. Not necessarily particular towards male or female. Many uninformed people think that you could be either gay, straight, or lesbian. Many bisexual people are singled out as weird, different, special, messed up, etc.
You can be bisexual, yet still be attracted to the opposite gender.
by The Corrector March 20, 2015
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