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Greedist people who ever walked the earth (next to 15th-19th century Europeans). These people sue people for their money "in the name of art". I mean, bitchin about illegal download is reasonable, but taking away drum, guitar, and bass tabs and chasing every emcee who don't "clear" samples with them is too much. Fuck this bullshit. Let art be art, for God's sake.
Rocker- "I wanted jam to my favorite songs, but those bastards in the MPA make tablature illegal."

Emcee- "Shit. MPA is all over me from taking a sample and not clearing it with them. Fuck..."

Normal person who doesn't
see music as art- "What's wrong with the MPA?"
by That one fool... June 01, 2007
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Reason why MTV sux and mainstream rap is impossibly getting crappier. As long as people like 50 CUNT are around, gansta rap will intoxicated the music world and hip-hop will no longer be able to go to its former glory.
Random Person: What the fuck is annoying mumbling?

WHite Guy: TIS MY HOME BOY, 50 CENT!!!!

Random Person: GET OFF THAT GUY'S DICK!!!
by That one fool... March 27, 2007
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Sweatbox. Small room were people work in bad conditions for small amount of money.
"Sweatbox is a small club" -BIG L

-Did you hear about Chin, the Chinese guy?

-Nah, what about him?

-Word is that his pops manages a small club.
by That one fool... March 27, 2007
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White man's favorite type of music because its the sound of an entire race of people losing all self respect they ever had.

A genre of rap that sells out and stereotypes an entire race of people, and rap in general. White people like it because it "raps" about gangs, sex, and drugs, something that middle class America doesn't experience in general. Also, because of gangsta rap, other less violent-tone versions of rap are underappriciated and stereotyped.
Non-White Person: Why you so happy about 50 Cent's new "hit"?

White Guy (Bobbin his head): 'Cause gangsta rap is the sound of MAlcom X and MLR Jr. rolling in their graves!! Biatch!!!
by That one fool... March 27, 2007
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