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A chronic psychological disease that is similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). When person with a simple hobby becomes infected with packratitis they turns it into an obsession. The main difference between packratitits and OCD is the packrat generally 'neater' and may be a guru on the topic or subject.
Packratitis: A computer packrat may have a collection of softwares from early on, lots of junk hardware, books on computers and other electronics, seemingly boxes and crates of wires, screws, disks, manuals, boxes etc. This preson may also have an interest in video games and other electronic items, thus may he also has every system from Coleco and Atari to Nintendo DS and PS3 as well as related material.
by thaibu May 14, 2010
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Character played by Eddie Murphy in Trading Places where he plays a phony blind Viet-man parapalegic. After being auestioned by law enforcement he discovers he can see and have legs to walk on.

The name is Billy Ray Valentine
by thaibu July 26, 2007
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Any user of a discount broker's stock trading tool that either does not execute his/her position with analysis first or just buy when someone say buy this.
A novice trader does novice mistakes I.e. buy when others buyers are prepared to sell and vice versa.
Only a novice trader will trade on Jim Cramer's recommendations.
by Thaibu April 28, 2013
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(n) Rodent track marks. rodent trailings.

Phrase use because rodents i.e. mice and rats cannot hold their bowels and thus they leave a continuous trail of poo and urine which leaves obvious trail stains on furniture, along walls, inside cupboards etc.
This couch is full of rat travels! This box of food you had in storage shows signs of rat travels.
by thaibu April 22, 2010
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(noun) another name for furniture dolley that has 4 wheels and no axels.
Just lay the couch on the skateboard dolley.
by thaibu February 15, 2010
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A hand truck or dolly that has 2 wheels and used to move something. A Segway human transporter.
use the deuce wheeler to move the frige.
by thaibu March 02, 2009
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<i>v.prep</i> To have a guitar whether be acustical or electric lead or bass smashed about the head.

<i>noun</i> A severe symptom caused by a sinus infection (cold) Usually death can occur if a blow to the head is administered during this ailment.
Our great Uncle Sam died an early age from guitar in the head after a street brawl over some whore.
by thaibu July 06, 2010
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