13 definition by Texas

taking care of it, getting it done
don't worry about the dusting, i'm all over it.
by texas July 18, 2003

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the greatest white rapper of all time, better then most niggas
Damn Eminiems show is poppin
by Texas March 20, 2005

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to take one for the team, against most odds, to guard closely (in athletic contests) commonly yelled at Ultimate Frisbee games
Yo Bill, nut up and be my wingman tonite

Nut up on that girl, she's been owning you all day
by Texas August 29, 2004

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rim that go on a car
i put swangers on my car
by texas December 10, 2002

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Always in a respectable fraternity
wears polos and oxfords from Lacoste Ralph Lauren Burberry and Joseph A. Banks in bright colors
wears shorts in khaki navy blue red(preferably faded) yellow and embroidered shorts, never any cargo pockets
Always has his Maui Jims nearby preferably with croakies
Boat shoes are a must as well as Gucci loafers or drivers
NEVER goes near abercrombie or similar retail
Blazers work
collars never go up in Texas, thats reserved for trashy wannabees
Drives an SUV (land rover, bmw, benz, tahoe...) but if a car is neccesary then a bmw will suffice
Shirt always tucked in with a nice belt from lacoste or polo

(again we're talking about southerners)
Always well groomed, VERY well groomed
nothing trashy
wears burberry lacoste seven polo jcrew and anything they can put on their send home Neimans and Saks cards
Not too much makeup
Nothing from low end retailers like abercrombie or american eagle
Always has a louis vuitton/prada/gucci/coach purse, but nothing too flashy
Heels are a must but nothing slutty
jewelry is key, but again nothing too flashy - pearl sets, david yurman, tiffany's, maybe a diamond here or ther
They drive smaller cars usually (audi's, bmws, lexus', mercedes benzs, and sometimes land rover SUV's)
Always cordial, never tacky or rude

these are just a few traits of the Southern Prep, style may differ between areas
Hudson, I like your new topsiders. Where did you get those?

Catherine looks nice today in her pearls and cashmere sweater set.
by texas November 01, 2004

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when your butt has pimples all over.
Your freakin butthas coodies.
by TEXAS April 22, 2005

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